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Day Trip Ideas | Oysters & Wine

I had the pleasure of working with Chandara Creative on this yummy shoot! Tomales Bay

A Mexican Fiesta || Party Ideas

First three images are from a beautiful party planned by the amazing Laurie Arons! Cucumber

Summer Picnic Ideas

I know we have a bit of time still left in Spring, but the 80 degree weather is reminding

Delicious & Simple || Good Food

I could not believe how easy this recipe was. Our plum tree gave fruit for days on end.

Knitts, Blankets, Bear & Baby!

Excited about this upcoming project. So fun to capture all the cuteness. More on this

Dinner With Friends || Fried Chicken and Biscuits

I’m so grateful for my friends. When they invite me over and cook up a meal to

Apples and Pears and the Deep Dish ~ Fall Food

Though it doesn’t feel like it, Fall is just around the corner. I personally think

Farfalla al Salmone con Caviar ~ You Deserve It

This post is a little homage to my Dad Antonio. Throughout the years he’s cooked amazing

Wedding Ideas

Maybe you’re the type of person that likes to celebrate in style but believe that your

Limoncello Love

Summer is just around the corner. A simple yet refreshing drink for you to enjoy. Serving this

Comforts Cafe ~ San Anselmo

There is nothing like getting a box of chocolate love from this amazing place. They also have the