I really enjoy all the excitement and emotional aspects of a wedding. I’m pretty lucky I get to be part of the celebration on such a memorable day. Love, joy, sentiment, fun? What more can a photographer ask for? You’re getting married and I get to capture it with genuine intention and a passion for telling your story. 

How I tell your story is by using a variety of film and digital cameras. I guess you could say I have always used film (since my Dad had a dark room growing up) so it’s very familiar to me, but throughout my 10 years of doing this, I have grown fond of my digital work as well. It allows me to grab all those spontaneous moments without worry.

This journey in photography has not only taken me to some pretty amazing places like France and Mexico, but it’s given me the chance to meet a variety of creative people including the majority of my awesome clients!

This is my “job”! Again, super lucky!

Congratulations to you!