DIY Holiday Gift Idea

Rose Hip Oil Benefits:

Intensive Skin Rehydrator, Moisturiser, Attenuates scars


Step 1:

Remove any visible debris from the rose hips.
Step 2:
Combine 1 cup rose hips and 2 cups almond oil in the slow cooker.
Step 3:
Stir the almond oil and rose hips with a spoon until well mixed.
Step 4:
Turn on the slow cooker to its low-heat setting. Allow the rose hips and almond oil to cook in the
slow cooker undisturbed for eight hours.
Step 5:
Fold a sheet of cheesecloth in half so that it is two layers thick and line a bowl with it.
Step 6:
Turn off and unplug the slow cooker. Carefully pour the rose hip and almond oil mixture into the
bowl lined with the cheesecloth. Bring all four corners of the cheesecloth together and hold the cheesecloth
above the bowl so that it acts as a strainer. The oil will drain through the cheesecloth and the rose hips will
remain in the cheesecloth. Discard the rose hips and cheesecloth.
Step 7:
Pour the oil carefully from the bowl into the jar or bottle. Tightly seal the jar/bottle. Warning:  rose hip oil smells sour when it has become rancid and should not be used.
Make a cool label for your bottle and date your oil. Make sure you instruct to store the oil in a cool dark place.
I have a sample label on my Facebook page. Happy DIY!!
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